National Agriculture Week March 10-16

By Lisa Peterson, Business Analyst/Cash Mgmt Specialist

As I drive into work in the mornings, my most listened to radio station reminds me that “today is national ___ day”   Which when I hear it may give me a good chuckle or a “Really? There’s a day for that?”  But I really like it when the national day is a food that I really like and use it as an excuse to indulge.

Since our daily lives rely on agriculture from the food we eat to the clothing we wear, it is well warranted that the Agriculture industry gets an entire week.  The Agriculture Council of America has designated March 10-16 as National Ag Week and specifically March 14, 2019 as National Ag Day. 

Because we live in Iowa I assume that most of us think about some aspect of agriculture on a daily basis.  However, during this week take time to reflect and be grateful for what Iowa and American agriculture provides for you.  Discuss with the family at supper time where the food we eat comes from.  Take time to thank the agriculture producers and businesses that you know and work with.  And then indulge in some of your favorite treats from an Iowa farm!

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